Above all Daymark stands for integrity and transparency

Navigating through issues of public concern can be tricky. At Daymark we take our advice to clients very seriously. But it’s not just the advice, it is also how the advice is formulated and delivered.

  • We will advise you if there is a conflict of interest with our past or present clients. We will safeguard all confidential information.
  • In delivering you the highest standards of advice we will prepare a clear proposal with measurable outcomes and an achievable strategy that is structured to meet your needs.
  • We won’t tell you unachievable hype.
  • Our fees will be transparently determined and levied.
  • In working for our clients we will never knowingly disseminate false or misleading information. We will always be clear to any third parties who we are working for.
  • We believe that at the end of the day respect for our brand will depend on the respect we deliver for your brand. And that is how we act.

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