Daymark has a range of purpose built products to protect and build your reputation.

A new level of community engagement

More than just a review of media coverage of an industry sector or area of client interest, Daymark’s ‘Watch’ analyses emerging themes, reputational challenges and competitor coverage on a monthly or quarterly basis.

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Issues management to protect your brand

A practical process that keeps you in control of issues that impact your business. The Daymark Guardian is a cost effective way to manage reputation.

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Insights for government engagement

Government policy can be both the key to new opportunities and a threat to existing business: Policy Platform helps you maximise the first and avoid the second.

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Strengthening internal capacity

A strong corporate/public affairs team can be your best risk management tool. Daymark’s Reputation Steward will assess, build, enhance and support your team.

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Media skills and engagement training

A combination of theory and practical development to equip individuals or teams with the skills and knowledge to proactively engage the media in the digital era, manage the message, and approach interviews and public speaking engagements with confidence.

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