Foresight AI

Reputation risk analysis using machine learning and big data analytics.

Foresight AI that can warn your organisation of reputation damaging events months before they surface. Foresight AI is a unique offer from Daymark for organisations that wish to detect reputation risks and events in an organisation through the use of big data analytics and machine learning.

The AI technology behind Foresight analyses email data with direct identifiers removed using purpose-built algorithms to isolate patterns and issues. This allows reputation red flags to be identified before they would normally surface so you can make informed decisions and respond to issues much earlier.

Key features.


A first for combining decades of issues management experience with the latest in big data analytics and machine learning.

Cutting edge

Up to 25 different analytics are used to identify reputation red flags.


Foresight AI can be tailored to assess customer issues, due diligence risks, or how a merger or acquisition is progressing – among many other options.

Expert analysis

We just don’t rely on the results, we then take a deeper dive and suggest your next steps to get ahead of the reputation issue.


We work closely with your IT and data security teams to ensure all protocols and privacy matters are addressed. Out data environment provides ‘bank level’ security.

How it works.

Get in touch to discuss your needs.
step 01
We then work with your IT and technical team to agree data protocols.
step 02
Data is analysed in a secure environment.
step 03
Results are interpreted and presented.
step 04

Let’s get started

Request a demonstration of Foresight AI and see how it works or visit our Foresight AI website for further information.