A one-stop-product for reputation insights.

Daymark’s Foresight delivers three essential tools for reputation management in one.

–  Unpack the factors that drive your reputation

–  Identify the reputation rating of competitors in your sector, and

–  Find the reputation risk areas unique to your organisation.

This survey-based product is a one-stop-shop for all the insights you need for a strategy and actions to actively manage your reputation. Foresight harnesses several years of research and product development on how to diagnose reputation risks and opportunities.

Key features.


Delivers three tools for reputation management in one.

Cutting edge

Survey-based and backed by eight years of research and testing.


Delivers insights that matter: reputation drivers, competitor position and risk areas.


Survey focuses on the 20 questions that matter most when it comes to your reputation.


A repeatable survey so you can track your reputation over time.

How it works.

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step 01
Sector specific survey developed and deployed.
step 02
Data analysed and report prepared.
step 03
Get underway with actions to lift your reputation.
step 04

Let’s get started

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