Policy Platform

Government engagement insights.

Any business or organisation that deals with federal, state or local governments has a stake in public policy outcomes, particularly those in highly regulated markets.

Pursuing changes in policy is a legitimate approach to protect and grow a business. In some cases, it will be critical to the survival of an organisation. This pursuit can be with the government of the day, the Opposition, independents, other parties, or a combination.

Daymark’s Policy Platform provides special insight and vital intelligence to assist with better policy outcomes relevant to your business sector supporting critical decision making and ultimately, greater profitability through client and contract retention, and growth.

Key features.

Issue analysis

Detailed outline of the issue, assessing its status, likelihood of change, corporate position, and whether a policy position is a threat or opportunity.

Targeted register

Targeted register that defines the policy issues that are of concern.

Action plan

Comprehensive action plan which tackles specific policy issues and details the approach to be taken. Can be implemented by an in-house team or Daymark government relations experts.

Progress tracking

Continual monitoring of how the action plan is progressing.

How it works.

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