Media analysis poweredby technology and informed by expertinsights.

It is essential to know what both mainstream and social media is saying about your organisation. Whilst an organisation can get by with a search engine monitoring approach, effective and affordable tools exist to help you better understand and navigate the media landscape.

Daymark Monitor uses sophisticated media monitoring tools that capture media mentions in real time and highlight the individual journalist covering the story. Monitor takes these mentions and curates them into meaningful reports that ensures you are armed with quality data to make better decisions.

In addition to the extensive relationships we have cultivated with many journalists over the years, we also subscribe to services that enable us to know which journalists and publications covered topics we are not as familiar with.

Key features.


Our service captures media mentions instantly and depending upon your need, can be sent to you quickly or via a scheduled program.


We can capture local, national and in some cases, international media coverage across television, radio, online and print. We also have access to monitoring of key social media channels including Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, blogs and other forums.


We examine the details to assess not just which publications are covering your business but which journalists, and what their level of influence is. Likewise with social media we know which posts and influencers to be concerned about.

Expert analysis

We take all of this information and add our expert understanding of sentiment, reach, themes, sources, share of voice, geographic spread, and publishing time to give you the analysis you need.


Whether you require a high-level summary or all the details you can get your hands on, our engaging and easy to read reports will provide it. If required, we can also provide video or radio clips and transcripts.

How it works.

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step 01
We work with you to define your media search terms or key words.
step 02
We start with a retrospective report to build a baseline. We can also run a report on an issue, journalist or outlet.
step 03
Reports and analysis are provided as required. Search terms and frequency can be updated in the event of a crisis or event.
step 04

Let’s get started

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