Reputation Steward

Best-in-classcorporate affairs executive review.

Brand, image and reputation are some of the most important assets of any organisation.

In today’s digital era however, your reputation can be attacked more easily and with greater impact with the prevalence of cybercrime, social media, consumer activism, and citizen ‘journalism’. A poorly configured corporate affairs team can leave your organisation exposed to reputational damage.

Daymark’s Reputation Steward is a five-stage approach to help configure and resource your corporate affairs team to ensure they act as a crucial pillar in your risk management strategy and are an asset to your organisation.

Key features.

Review and

Assessment of current corporate affairs team to assess what is working and what can be improved. We can also design and structure a future team and recruit team members.


Comparative analysis of how the corporate affairs function is working in other similar organisations and advise how relevant organisations compare and what is best-in-class.

Action plan

An action plan, including a series of recommended actions and activities with budget and timelines.

Executive brief

Brief or presentation to the board/CEO/executive team to ensure there is executive support for the plan.

Follow up

Follow up to assess how the strategy is working, how the team is performing, and how the action plan can be fine-tuned if required.

How it works.

Get in touch to discuss your needs.
step 01
We scope your project and provide a detailed cost-estimate.
step 02
We kick-off with the review and assessment.
step 03

Need something more?

We can build a custom plan for your team or to meet your needs.

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