Industry Watch

Tracking industry issues which affect your business.

Daymark Industry Watch develops a comprehensive monthly media report together with the identification of themes and trends, and expert analysis from our reputation specialists.

The accessible report is suitable for executives, board and stakeholder use and utlises media analysis and the key facts and trends affecting your sector or organisation. It is particularly useful in providing data to inform business planning and issues management.

Media commentary about your industry or the issues affecting your industry is plentiful, and whilst you may receive daily media updates, you are probably missing the trends.

Industry Watch will keep you up to date and ensure you have the information you need for critical decision making.

Key features.

Examines key

Takes a close look at the drivers of your business or your organisational issue.

media report

Captures everything you need to know from the past month of media coverage.

Trends and
issues highlighted

Examines key messages, trends and issues for your sector.

Analysis by
expert advisors

Media analysis, around what has been said and why it was said, to keep you and your organisation informed.

Key data to inform
decision making

Data and information you can use in your business planning and issues management.

How it works.

Get in touch to discuss your needs.
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We provide a detailed cost-estimate and propose a time-frame.
step 02
We schedule the monthly report and analysis.
step 03
You receive the report and analysis on a scheduled day in your in-box. We’re always available to discuss results.
step 04

Need something more?

We can build a custom plan for your team or to meet your needs.

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